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Aligning your customer touchpoints to deliver an exceptional
buyer’s journey and drive positive revenue outcomes.

The Revenue Flywheel Group will work with you to build an enablement strategy and programs that correlate to your revenue growth objectives and deliver impact. Every day, employees across your company with varied levels of experience and tenure engage with your customers. Each of those interactions have the potential to positively or negatively impact revenue streams. Our customizable Customer Journey Enablement™ framework encompasses all of your buyer-facing teams no matter where they are in their career and enables them to differentiate your business through offering exceptional customer experiences. We will help you develop a cross-organizational culture of aligned customer engagements—from prospecting to renewal and beyond.

We set you up for success both now and into the future.

Why Revenue Flywheel Group?


Intensity. Intelligence. Integrity

Expert Guidance



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  • CustomerCentric Selling®

  • Gap Selling®

  • Triangle Selling®

  • Customized implementation & adoption




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  • Hiring success profiles

  • Enablement platforms

  • Tech assessment & adoption

  • RFP process optimization



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  • Change management

  • Coaching framework

  • Career mapping

  • Peer-to-Peer learning frameworks




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  • Pitch & demo certification

  • Leadership enablement

  • M&A enablement strategy

  • GTM enablement pathways

People Are Talking About Us

Neil Spencer - CEO and Private Equity Partner

I had a fantastic experience working with Paul. The process and insights were extremely valuable, but the best part of his consulting has improved results for my company. He has a gift for teaching lasting principles and getting into details for actionable advice. From startup to enterprise, Paul adds tremendous value to an organization.

Paul is unique in having multiple relevant perspectives with relation to customer journey. He's been a seller and therefore understands what it takes to move deals at a tactical level, the tools, methods and resources necessary to engage buyers where they are and navigate the complexities of closing deals in this economic environment. Beyond that he understands how to build enablement programs from the ground up - where they have not existed before. He has built frameworks to prioritize programs, leverage resources, and unite leadership teams to effectively achieve the revenue goals of the organization (demand generation, sales, success, retention and growth) not just enablement for enablement's sake. Finally, Paul understands the crawl, walk, run of building a world class Customer Journey Enablement organization. This includes programmatic outcomes, role identification, internal feedback loops, and strategic oversight. He's a unicorn in this space.

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Hilmon Sorey - Co-Founder, CoachCRM, Partner, 2.12 Angels


Paul has a deep understanding of sales methodologies and processes and is skilled in identifying areas for improvement and developing comprehensive strategies, frameworks, and programs to drive revenue results. He builds strong relationships with stakeholders across the organization and works closely with the sales teams to ensure that they have the methodology, knowledge, and skills they need to succeed. His expertise, strategic thinking, and collaborative approach makes him an asset to any organization.

Frank Maylett - CEO, 5X CRO, 2X IPO

Paul has led the evolution of enablement to being a data-driven, strategic function that underpins growth.  I appreciate Paul's approach to measuring and managing impact that is always aligned to delivering a multiple on program investments. 

Matt Cameron - JMI Equity Operating Advisor

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